Monday, August 31, 2009

Model: Chris Campanioni Shows Us his...Talent!

American Model Chris Campanioni was born on 1985 in Manhattan, New York, USA. He has been modeling since 2007. He has worked for Cosmopolitan magazine, Tetu magazine, Beautiful Mag, as well as campaigns for PLAY underwear, Men Only magazine, Calvin Klein underwear and C-in2 Underwear campaign. His latest assignment is for DNA Magazine, where he is definitely showing his talents! From the looks of his things, his career will now certainly take off. Here are some pics past and present. Revel in the beauty of this young man.

Nothing like a good stiff one!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Flashback: Boy Toy Beau Breedlove

Ran into this story again from earlier this year about politician boy toy Beau Breedlove. The 18-year old came out with his affair with Portland, OR mayor back in February. His 15-minutes of fame lasted through April and May when the 18-year-old did a photo spread for Unzipped Magazine (is that legal??) and online, followed by the courts finding that Mayor Sam Adams, who ain't bad either, did not break any laws by going with barely-18 Breedlove. They certainly must have steamed up the sheets!

I had never saw the photo spread until now, so I thought I would share with you in case you missed it. And I gotta say, despite your feelings on the whole debacle, it’s pretty damn hot. He didn't show dick though. :( Plus I think Breedlove is pretty handsome. So, by all accounts he surely lived up to his name!

Though the opportunism on all sides of this situation seem pretty clear to me, I do not necessarily begrudge Breedlove his 15 minutes of fame or Unzipped’s scramble to use a high profile scandal to sell magazines. Media needs everything it can get right now. The skeevy feelings of impropriety may even serve to make the shoot hotter. EnjoY!

Portland, Oregon Mayor Sam Adams flanked by boy toy Breedlove, earlier this year.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Celebrity: Zach Efron Bulge

Some of you may have already seen this. I am not a big Zach Efron fan, but he is packin' here. So worth a look-see!

Thursday, August 20, 2009 Dax Thorton Returns in "The Tease"

Dax Thorton looks great no matter what he's doing - especially when he's doing it buck naked!

Dax has been traveling across the U.S. the last couple years dancing with a male revue. Some of you may recognize him by his stage name: T-Nasty.

In this video you get to see his nakedness and his superior ass and there's a lot of rubbing of his hot bod going on.

Can you imagine coming home and finding Dax in your bed wearing nothing more than a pair of low hung sweat pants. After you get over the shock I'm guessing you would move closer, untie the draw string, and let them drop to the sheets. What you do with him from that point is up to you!

Enjoy the preview clip below. If you would like to join the site to see the entire video please click on the following link: DrakeRock