Saturday, March 27, 2010

John McCain on Guys with iPhones! Too much!

Click link! Guys with iPhones

Celeb: Watch the Porn Trailer for "Get Levi's Johnson." HILARIOUS

This porn parody reminds us why we liked Levi Johnston so much...for a minute. And what a loser Sarah Palin is. ENJOY!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Man Bulges

Video: Cute Streaker in McDonalds

The guy, apparently named Nick Bygate, is real real cute, and, yes, even though it’s a YouTube video, there is some full-frontal swingin’ going on. Enjoy now, 'cause when YouTube sees winkie, it will be deleted!

Gay Porn Boom in the Czech Republic | News |

In the Czech Republic, long known as a porn capital, straight men increasingly turn to gay porn as a lucrative option in the midst of stubbornly high unemployment rates.
delivers a report on the action in Prague, where men compete for their piece of a $12 billion worldwide industry. Watch the video investigation of Europe's "smut central" below.

Gay Porn Boom in the Czech Republic | News |