Saturday, May 28, 2011

MENATPLAY: Hotstuff Harry Louis in "French Lesson"

Ever had a teacher that you used to daydream about in the middle of a lesson and loose yourself in thoughts of what you would like him to do to you? Well Harry Louis certainly has, and with a teacher like Issac who can blame him. Tall, mysterious, chiseled jaw, dark eyes you could get lost in and the sexiest French accent ever!

No wonder Harry has trouble concentrating on his French vocab, or could he just be pretending to get some private one-on-one time with the sexy Mr. Jones? When Issac turns the blackboard and sees "Je vais baiser ton cul" in Harry's handwriting, he realizes the boy must be much more fluent in French then he may be letting on, and that he's been focusing on his ass rather than on his text books. Harry always gets what he wants. Not only does he get to fulfill his fantasy by fucking his French teacher, he also manages to secure an A+ along the way!

Enjoy the preview clips and if you would like to download the entire video then click on the following link: MenAtPlay

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