Friday, February 24, 2012

TGIF: Men At Play: Introducing Bailey Starring Bailey Morgan

Bailey Morgan breaks all our rules. Within five minutes of meeting him you will be blabbering nervously like teenage girls. And its not just because of his ridiculous good looks, or his tall, muscular physique...there's something a little bit special about this guy.

Bailey exudes charisma, and a cool, calm confidence that will have you (ahem...)eating of his lap. Not to mention his deep and sexy voice. We are all just suckers (ahem...) for handsome, straight man with a deep voice (swoon).

But of course most of this you won't be able to appreciate in a video so I'm afraid you'll have to settle for watching the sexy stud strip out his suit and flex his muscles, as he plays with his tight hole and rubs his thick, veiny cock...slowly... slowly...until he shoots his thick wad all over his ripped abs.

Enjoy the preview clips and if you would like to download the entire video then click on the following link: MenAtPlay